Start a DIY club in your neighborhood

Clubs are the most do-it-yourself part of the DIY platform. They're just friends, families, or neighbors getting together regularly to practice skills, build epic projects and take adventures. If you want to start a DIY club, there's nothing stopping you – go for it! We made a simple handbook compiled with the input of other club leaders. Once you get started, be sure to register your club using the form below.

1. Register

Clubs are sprouting all over the world and we're glad to include your community. Please fill out this questionnaire so we can keep in touch.

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2. Plan Your First Adventure


PDX DIY in Portland, Oregon had their first meeting at a local bike shop. They put the call out to DIYers in Portland for the chance to get the Bike Mechanic Skill. They meet at a different spot in their community that focuses on the type of Skills their club is into. Each time they meet more and more DIYers from the community come out to join them.

Every Club should plan an adventure for its first meetup. The goal is to share a unique experience or challenge to bond the group and set a high bar for what the Club strives to do together.

Adventures are a simple combination of trying new Skills in an extraordinary place. DIYers can become bike mechanics at bike shops, ahletes at climbing gyms, foresters at lumber mills, anglers at rivers, astronomers at observatories, backyard farmers at community gardens, and campers at regional parks. Whenever possible plan ahead and arrange to have experts at each place teach your Club some skills. For example, someone at a bike shop might teach you how to build a wheel from scratch.

As the Club Leader you’ll likely shoulder a bulk of the planning for the first adventure. But all of that hard work will impress others and they'll probably volunteer to help you with future adventures and meetings. Don't wait for them to speak up, also ask your friends and neighbors.

3. Share What You Do

Before you leave on your first adventure make sure everyone has a DIY account, and ideally access to a device with the DIY app installed. It's necessary that everyone individually capture and share group activity on their own portfolio in order to get credit for related Skill challenges. Plus, what's important, is that every one contributes to the broader DIY community.

Club Member Patch

This special Skill consists of challenges for DIYers to become active members of a Club. It's also a good framework for delegating responsibilites and sharing leadership.

Earn Club Member

4. Meet Regularly

This is an important one! A great club works together to get new skills, and to do that they have to meet regularly. Talk with your club about the types of skills they’d like to practice and make a schedule to get it done. You’ll need to plan how often and where your Club will meet. Weekly is ideal; Once a month is the minimum.

These challenges make for good group activities:

Group Challenges


The Club Leader Handbook is the best guide for all aspiring and active Club Leaders. We also compiled some useful resources for your convenience:

DIY Artwork

Maybe you want to make a website for your club, or flyer to post around school? This zip file contains graphics and documents you might need to make them, including DIY logos, screenshots, and artwork for every skill patch.

Download (10mb)